Map with Probability of Flooding

Effects and cost of Solar Panels on land.
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Map with Probability of Flooding

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Original Post Made By: Facebook User David Herman, in the Facebook Group: Stop Solar Farms
January 31, 2021

More fuel for the fight against solar and wind.

While I disagree with all of the "global warming" crap, that doesn't mean we can't use their "predictions" against the green energy takeover of our land.

Here is a site I found while looking for property. This site displays the "probability" or a guess as to how likely a property is to experience "flooding" in the future due to excessive amounts of rain.

In my case, since I live close to hills and valley's I am using these predictions to help my fight against having a solar project next door that will increase the chances of my land being flooded.

It's a cool site and I don't care if it isn't accurate, as long as it can be used to fight solar. I don't know if it covers the UK, but it does cover all the states in the USA.
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