About No Solar or Wind Farms

We are part of a grass roots organization that is run entirely by caring volunteers that are dedicated to helping other that are fighting to save their homes and neighborhoods from this green energy invasion that is destroying our countries.

Our goal at No Solar or Wind Farms, is to provide:

• Links to News Stories that document facts relating to solar or wind projects that are harmful or destructive to people, wildlife, land, forests and bodies of water.

• Documents and PDF files published by government agencies, universities and scientists, revealing the truth about the dangers of and the real cost of solar and wind projects.

• Guides where individuals can locate step by step information that can be used to combat the lies told by “salesmen” to the local zoning boards, county council and other uninformed elected officials.

• Forums where anyone wanting to ask or give specific information to other “fighters” that are trying to save their homes and communities from this destructive green energy invasion.