Social Media Group Leaders

If you are the admin of a social media group and you would like to post comments from your users, on this board, we would like to encourage you to do so.

The only thing we ask is that you make sure you have permission from your users.

In return, we believe this will become a great asset to individuals that do not normally use Facebook as well as giving extra exposure to various groups.

If your group is dedicated to a specific town/county or other geographical area, we strongly suggest you make sure the name of your community or area is mentioned frequently, in order to be found by various search engines, thus attracting others from your area that may not know of your existence.

We would also like to invite you to become a moderator and help approve new members from your group as well as watch your local board in order to assist in eliminating spam and unwanted posts.

If you would like to contact our admin, please use the contact forms at: