Video of Ames Construction Working BEFORE Permits Issued

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Video of Ames Construction Working BEFORE Permits Issued

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Attached is an undercover video of an official from Ames construction that has hired workers to conduct work on properties that are leased for use as a solar project outside of Grandview, Indiana.

This video was taken on 5/25/23 and at that time, the solar developer and their contractors have NOT received the clearance to perform ANY construction work yet, because a decommission plan has not been filed or approved through the county yet, plus we are not sure if they have posted a bond yet.

Due to the fact that boundary lines of the solar project have changed and expanded since the original project was approved, we also believe the developer needs to get additional approval to include farmland that we NOT in the original plans.

Since this video was set up to only capture the sound, we have taken one frame of the video out and are placing it here, so that you can see the face of the individual named Ryan that works for Ames Construction.
vlcsnap-2023-05-25-15h03m54s757.png (2.15 MiB) Viewed 339 times
Since we can not place video's on this site, we are including a link to the sound track that has been posted on another site.

This is posted primarily for legal reasons, in case anyone wants to file legal charges against Ames Construction or SolSyslems.

Furthermore, if I am needed to testify in court as to the authenticity of this video, I will gladly do so.
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