Holding Elected Officials Accountable For Their Lack of Actions.

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Holding Elected Officials Accountable For Their Lack of Actions.

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I judge others, not by their words, but by their actions.
Sometimes I also evaluate them by their LACK of actions.

I am ready to start releasing a ton of documentation naming names and details about inept, crooked and uncaring elected officials as well as data on attorneys and solar developers.

I am doing this because I am tired of Elected and Unelected individuals sitting on boards or getting paid by taxpayers, yet ignoring the people they are supposed to be representing.

I don’t expect every government official to have all of the answers, but when their bosses or advisors are giving them WRONG answers, We The People need to voice our opinion and use our votes to make changes. And many times those changes need to take place on a LOCAL level as well as on a state level.

This country revolted against the British because they were being Taxed without Representation.

Well, I live in an area of the country where my life has been disrupted by individuals that I CAN NOT vote for, yet my taxes help pay their salary.

I will be explaining that statement in future documents but it involves board that pass regulations they had no legal right to pass and therefore were responsible for opening a can of worms that has disrupted the lives of many people for the last 3+ years.

The jest of this problem is that when a person goes to buy or sell a piece of property such as a house or
commercial building, there is an “Title Insurance Policy” required before you can obtain the financing.

Yet, one solar developer claims to have spent $30 million to buy a solar project that was never given the
legally authority it needed.

The gripe I have about this is that attorneys from at least SIX different organizations that I know of, were involved in this project and NOT ONE attorney could find out the town that approved the solar project did not have the legal authority to pass such a regulation for land that was outside of the town limits?

So, now WE the RESIDENTS of the county are faced with having our lives, homes and dreams disrupted
by an event that we did not have the legal right to complain about or vote for the individuals that approved
the project.

Anyway, below is a copy of documents that I wrote and handed out to various Indiana State and Local elected officials at a GOP Dinner on 7/11/2020.

It also displays the names and responses that I received from these individuals.

NOT ONE ELECTED INDIVIDUAL seemed to care enough about the plight of how these COMMERCIAL Solar Projects would effect local citizens enough to respond, reach out to others or make any changes in the laws, rules or regulations.

As such, I hope this will not only educate others on the negative effects of Solar Projects near residential homes, but also on the uncaring attitude of Federal, State and Local officials.

Bottom Line, if they don't care about us, it won't matter how much money they get from the lobbyists and pro-solar organizations, they will NOT be able to hold their seats if We The People don't vote for them.

So, it is up to YOU to start learning who is representing you, as well as looking at their actions. If they are NOT voting on regulations that will protect you, they are telling you they don't care about us.
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