Ban of Solar on Rural & Ag Land is Growing

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Ban of Solar on Rural & Ag Land is Growing

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"After months of discussion, debate and hearings, community solar panel projects on county farmland are no longer allowed."

Comments from Stop Solar Farms Facebook members:
"Note in the article they company filing for the original permit broke off a new LLC so they can't be sued when it doesn't produce enough and the land owners are upset.
Most contracts pay based on production/output. The panels start out at about 23% efficiency. I live in the next county and we average 5.5 hours of usable sunlight per day/year. The panels degrade at 5-8% a year. So even if they work at optimum efficiency in the beginning, they are barely producing in 10 years (so that's about when the LLC, walks away). The LLC disappears and the landowner or County is stuck with the clean-up. The landowner loses their tax breaks and must repay the last 5 years. They lose their cheap AG insurance because their land is now commercial/industrial. Their "payments" MIGHT cover their taxes and insurance. Then there is the issue of hail damage or fires.
Few if ANY of the companies live up to their contracts...lots of fine print. They are seldom honest and promise things they have no intention of honoring.
But hey, if you own land feel free to lease to them. Oh and I almost forgot, the land ends up basically unusable for farming with out a LOT of work for probably 50 years after the project is finished construction."

"If solar is so profitable, these companies would be buying the land. They dont want all the trash that is left after the 10 to 20 years of use. These companies will vanish when this time comes and guess who is stuck with the cleanup? If you ever had utilititys go through your property, it takes alot of years to get back to what it was. 10 to 20 years from now you will be glad you did not do it, those that did will be stuck with it."
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