A Letter Hand Delivered to BOTH of our U.S. Senators

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A Letter Hand Delivered to BOTH of our U.S. Senators

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The following letter was hand delivered to both U.S. Senators from the State of Indiana in 2020. Neither one of them ever responded. I guess unless you are a major donor or lobbyist, you become invisible.

My name is XXXX. My wife and I live in a house that is totally surrounded on all four sides by a farm. I am not talking about the farms across the road, but literally touching the land that our house sits on without even a fence between us.

I am in my 70’s and have heart problems. My wife is in her 60’s and is handicapped as a result of having a stroke.

We recently found out there are plans to install a solar farm on the land surrounding out home. The land under our home, has been in my wife’s family for over 100 years. It is the land were her grandparents lived when her dad was born. It is also where her parents lived when she was born.

When we found out there were going to be solar farms located in our county, we TRIED to get more details, but the local town hall LIED to us and HID the paperwork containing the details from us, until 15 minutes prior to the town hall meeting where they voted to approve the solar farms.

We also tried to hire an attorney to represent us at the town hall meeting, but were turned down by two local attorneys due to a conflict of interest. We then proceeded to get an attorney from Evansville with experience in zoning regulations to attend the meeting, however 4 hours before the town hall meeting he called us to say his office could not represent us, due to a conflict of interest .

So, due to the fact that information was withheld from us by the town and we could not find an attorney to represent us, it leaves regular citizens totally vulnerable to the solar developers from other states that come to Indiana and sell their pack of lies.

We love our home and can not afford to pick up and move to a new location, nor should we have to. That leaves us with a major concern.

Why should someone like us, be forced to live next to hundreds or even thousands of solar panels that could catch fire and burn down our home and possibly even kill us in a fire, if we are home bound and can not get out of the house without emergency services.

Why should our grand-daughter have to live on land that could be poisoned due to toxic chemicals that could leach out of the solar panels, and run down hill into our land, where it could poison any vegetables or plants she wants to grow.

Why should we be deprived of our only source of daytime conservative news, by having AM talk radio station signals blocked by the interference of all the solar panels surrounding our home.

It is easy for solar farm sales promoters to say all of these things can not happen to us, however what is their proof? We have found documented proof that all of these things are possible and could potentially happen.

We know why the Federal Government under the Obama administration let all of the “green energy” programs exist in spite of the killing of Golden Eagles and other protected wildlife, but we expect more logic and safeguards under the protection of the Trump administration.

We also expect hope that our current legislators will set forth some policies that will protect the citizens of fly over country and stop solar farms and wind power from killing wildlife, humans and the land.

Research and policies NEED to be put into place, regulating Solar Farms and Wind Farms BEFORE it is to late to reverse the dangerous and possibly deadly effects.
David H.
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