Indiana Residents CALL TO ACTION!

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Indiana Residents CALL TO ACTION!

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Carrie Douglas Boone County Preservation Group

Good afternoon neighbors! This is a CALL TO ACTION!

If you live in Indiana and pay taxes you should be aware and concerned about what is happening in Boone County. IEDC (Indiana Economic Development Corporation) is using state-wide taxes to build LEAP Innovation District.

I want to stay very focused here, so if you are unfamiliar with this issue please let me know and I will expand on this information. But Boone County Preservation Group is working to inform the public about what is going on in Boone County.

IEDC is looking to spend BILLIONS of tax dollars on this ONE project. We are looking for residents of Indiana to send this form to the Senators on the Appropriations Committee as they are reviewing HB 1001 – which includes a request for additional funding to IEDC.

Please follow these instructions:
Copy and paste these forms

Paste into your email – the entire list of Senators’ email addresses

Make the subject – Amend HB 1001 and stop additional funding for IEDC (this is important! The subject is the 1st thing the recipients are going to see and it needs to be consistent.)

Copy the letter into the body of your message & fill in the personal information as the closing. (This is also very important as we want this shared across the state)

Finally & VERY important – SHARE this message on your page and with your friends to gather support & volume.

If you, or someone you know can not complete this electronically, please reach out to me and we will come up with an alternative solution. Everyone’s voice needs to heard in this matter as it is everyone’s taxes being used.
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