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MoSaysNo is a website revealing

There are currently 8,828 acres or nearly 14 square miles, leased for solar farms in Callaway County. (as of June 2023)

There are currently 30,000 acres leased in Audrain County for 100 nearly 400 ft. tall wind turbines
Are wind and solar still going to be the best solution we have for ‘green renewable energy’ in 10 years, let alone 40? We’ve got robots patrolling cities in some states, yet somehow some people think better technology that uses less land and generates more reliable clean energy than weather-dependent wind and solar with less waste or damage to the environment isn’t on the horizon?
There are better ways out there to save the planet than by destroying millions of acres of nature and the plants, trees, and farmland that provide oxygen and food for us. The only way those in power and control will look for those better ways is if those of us that will have to live directly with their poor decisions make it loud and clear that we don’t want it in our communities.

Stand up and fight with us or we will all dearly pay the price for what will undoubtedly be one of the worst decisions in the history of the U.S.
Check them out at:
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