Welcome to our United Groups

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Welcome to our United Groups

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This forum is for LEADERS, board members or members of local Groups that are fighting against the Solar and Wind Invasion.

Part of this forum will contain posts made by the Leaders and board members of various groups. Those goal of those posts will be to inform and educate the general membership about the negative effects of solar and wind as well as advertise dates of upcoming meetings held by your local group admins or the town/county zoning board or council members

The other part of this forum will be a PRIVATE forum that will be for the EXECUTIVE members to collaborate and share ideas, documents and methods that have worked or failed in other counties, states or countries.

Please understand that your membership into the PRIVATE group will require veting and a recommendation from another Executive or multiple members from your local group.

Thank You and we hope this forum will assist you and your group in getting organized enough to educate you on how to save your homes and property from this invasion.
David H.
Group Admin for the Stop Solar Farms Facebook Group:
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