Anti Solar Resistance

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Anti Solar Resistance

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I am one part of the Resistance to "Solar Industrial Complexes," also known as Solar Farms. That is such a misnomer. Nothing grows there. You can't eat solar panels. They are an eyesore and hazardous to boot, something the solar developers all deny.

I have been attending meeting that I become aware of in my county. County Commissioners meetings, Plan Commission meetings, BZA meetings, Town Council meetings, etc. I have been recording the meetings on my cell phone. Then I am able to put those tapes on social media as well as other websites so that the people who are unable to attend can at least hear what was discussed.

The more people we can get to attend local meetings, the more we show our elected and appointed officials that constituents are NOT in favor of solar, and hopefully they will realize that if they want to hold onto their positions, they need to acknowledge the will of the people.
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Re: Anti Solar Resistance

Post by Karen »

Recording meeting is an excellent idea! Having the exact wording used can be a powerful tool.

Another suggestion - anytime you see suspicious activity, record it on your cell phone. Again, having pictures and conversations recorded can prove helpful in the future!
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