Suggestions for Chapters of a United Coalition Against Industrial Solar and WInd Projects

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Suggestions for Chapters of a United Coalition Against Industrial Solar and WInd Projects

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In my attempt to unite hundreds or thousands of individual groups fighting the solar and wind invasion of communities, I have compiled a list of suggestions for positions that could be filled within each chapter.

In compiling this list, I have tried to think of all the hats I have worn in my own personal fight. Due to old age and memory loss, I am sure that I missed some important suggestions, so I encourage others to contribute to this list.

1. An odd number of board members that can brainstorm on local techniques that can be used to fight the Solar and Wind Invasion in their community or territory.

2. Three people responsible for collecting donations that can be used to pay for yard signs, billboards, hats, shirts, attorney fees and other expenses. Any bank accounts should require all three names on any checks or withdrawals, for security reasons. It would also be recommended to have them bonded if large amounts of capital are collected.

3. Someone responsible for delivering yard signs to local residents.

4. Someone responsible for recruiting individuals willing to go door to door to hand out brochures & fliers while talking with local residents.

5. Someone responsible for recruiting volunteers to conduct telemarketing campaigns, recruiting new members and possibly soliciting funds.

6. Three people that will become moderators or admins of local social media pages or groups.

7. A graphic artist that can come up with digital artwork if needed for the local chapter.

8. Two or three individuals responsible for posting announcements relating to meetings conducted by the town/county zoning boards, commissioners or other vital entities as well as SSWFI meetings, on the social media sites and websites.

9. Four to six individuals that will become the primary speakers representing the views of the local SSWFI chapter at town/county public board meetings, in front of the news media, etc. There may be some cases where only one person can speak at a public town/county board meeting, so that person and at least one alternative, should be elected by the local SSWFI chapter members.

10. Select individuals that will be responsible for communicating with local elected officials and city/county board members, in order to gain and share information.

11. One or two individuals responsible for filing Freedom of Information Acts, (FOIA) requests.

12. Two people responsible for getting copies of fliers and brochures to promote and advertise your local SSWFI chapter and/or encourage local residents to show up at vital town/county board meetings.

13. One or two people capable of reading and interpreting state, county and township zoning ordinances, building codes, as well as other important laws and regulations that would involve the construction, zoning, stormwater erosion, wildlife protection, or other vital aspects of life that would be affected by the installation of local industrial solar or wind projects.

14. Several individuals willing to attend local political dinners/ fund raisers, in order to speak with and hand out literature to current and potential public officials.

15. Individuals willing to recruit and support local representatives willing to run for local elected positions in order to replace officials that are pro solar and wind or voting against the will of the local residents.

16. Individuals assigned to capture video and/or audio transcripts of all vital town/county board meetings that can be posted on websites, social media sites and stored on flash drives , computer hard drives or backup storage drives, as evidence of statements made.

17. Someone responsible for researching attorneys within your state that are competent and willing to take on solar developers. We suggest compiling a spread sheet containing information about the pros and cons of various attorneys in your state that can be shared with other communities.
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Re: Suggestions for Chapters of a United Coalition Against Industrial Solar and WInd Projects

Post by Suzy »

Wow! Some great suggestions! Sounds like you need a ton of people, but since you are doing it all, I'm guessing that splitting those suggestion among a handful of people would certainly be better than one person doing it all. Or 5 people doing it all. We definitely need to share information so that we all aren't doing the same thing in the same area!

Thanks for the suggestions!
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