Will your electric bill go up because of Solar Energy?

Articles reporting the hidden Costs of Green Energy
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Will your electric bill go up because of Solar Energy?

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The following post came from https://www.facebook.com/groups/stopsolarfarms and was posted by StopSolar Farms. It is used here with permission from the original poster. It was originally posted on March 20, 2020

Has anyone in this group heard any noise about your state wanting to build a new Electric Transmission Line to or from your state to other states?

I happen to live close to a power plant owned by AEP, that send their electricity to towns 600 to 800 miles away.
Several months ago, I read a news article stating one power company in my state wanted to have a
“solar tax” placed on the electric bills, to help the electric company recover the expense of paying for solar energy.

Now I am working on an article about the cost of having to replace solar POWER LINES that move electricity from one state to other states. There seems to be multiple debates about who should pay for the new power lines.

Here are several quotes from articles relating to this debate.

“Analysts generally agree transmission networks need to be overhauled to reliably deliver electricity generated only when the wind blows or sun shines, rather than carry energy produced by coal and nuclear plants that operate around the clock whether or not they are needed.”

“Heavy equipment needed to build the power line would damage forests and streams that local and state officials have spent decades restoring and protecting.”

“Because Michigan uses the most electricity on this particular regional grid, its ratepayers would end up paying 21% of the cost to build the power line – more than any other state. Wisconsin ratepayers would only pay 15% of the costs, while those in Illinois would pick up 10% of the tab.”

Bottom line here. Everyone should keep their eyes on local news to find out if your state is in discussions about replacing power lines in order to accommodate “solar power” and/or wind power, and if so how much your electric bill will go up.

If you learn anything new, please share it with us and as soon as we finish this article, I will place a link to it here on this Facebook group.
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