Frozen Wind Turbines

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Frozen Wind Turbines

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It has been said that sometimes one picture can offer as much information as 1,000 words.
No one ever told us that wind turbines needed INPUT from electricity in freezing temps in order to keep them from damaging the internal components.

I wonder if the same is true with solar components.
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Re: Frozen Wind Turbines

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We just posted a NEWS ARTICLE about Germany’s ‘Green’ Energy Failure: Germany turns back to coal and natural gas as millions of its solar panels are blanketed in snow and ice.

Some excerpts include:
During the twenty-year period that Germany increased the amount of energy coming from renewable sources, the Germans paid a hefty price For example, the average cost of electricity for German households has doubled since 2000.

30,000 wind turbines to idleness.
It is not just the wind turbines. Solar panels covered with snow are also rendered useless. You may call it “coal comfort” as a total collapse in the wind and solar output leaves freezing Germans desperate for coal-fired power.

You can read more at: ... -coal.html
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