Wind and Solar Potentially Aren't Climate Cure-Alls

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Wind and Solar Potentially Aren't Climate Cure-Alls

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What wind and solar energy backers and developers fail to mention, or even acknowledge to themselves, is that no mater how large the wind or solar facility is, renewable energy is not reliable. Solar panels don’t produce energy when the sun doesn’t shine – rain, clouds, dust, fog, smog and nighttime. The same is true of wind power, there isn’t always a breeze.

One of the big problems facing renewable energy, our biggest usage times for energy is in the evening when we cook dinner and watch TV, after the sun goes to bed. Or on overcast days when we stay inside and want to use electrical apparatuses.

Another issue is that in the northern hemisphere when the earth is angled away from the sun, we don’t get the production we need to heat our homes. To meet our needs, we need to have a bavk up energy solution. At this point, natural gas, nuclear power and hydro power seem to be the cleanest options.

Besides being unreliable, solar and wind use so much land, land that could be producing crops the feed the world, that is now sitting with products that will end up leaching toxic chemicals into our land and water, and that will end up in landfills.
“A study by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change found that to replace Hinkley Point C, a nuclear power plant in Somerset, it would require 130,000 acres of solar farms or  250,000 acres of onshore wind farms, an area roughly the size of Hong Kong.
Considering that Hinkley Point C takes up just 450 acres, the alternatives require between 280-550 times more space for the same capacity.“

To read this entire article, click the following link: ... -alls.html
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