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Stop local schools from teaching lies.
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Hillsdale College

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While this is not about "Green Energy," it is about teaching our young people about the truth, the Constitution and "the American Way." Thank God there is at least one Institute og Higher Learning that is not in the hands of Liberal America!

"Are K-12 schools, colleges, and universities in your state doing enough to provide students with a proper understanding of American history and government—including an understanding of the purposes and principles of the Constitution?

There is reason to be doubtful. There seems to be a decreasing sense of patriotism among young Americans, and an increasing attraction to socialism and other ideas destructive of liberty.

And have you noticed all the disturbing incidents taking place on college campuses, with students resorting to intimidation, threats, and violence to silence speakers with whom they disagree?

Even though many schools are only teaching online due to the recent national emergency, Hillsdale is planning to redouble its efforts for the fall—especially in 2020, a critical year for the future of liberty. We will respond to these disturbing trends by expanding our educational outreach efforts on behalf of liberty—especially for younger Americans.

We have done too many of our young people a disservice by failing to provide them with knowledge of our nation’s great heritage of liberty. Even worse, many of our schools, corrupted by Left-wing bias, have pushed a false history of America as essentially flawed and unjust. This indoctrination will only continue once students return to campuses across the country.

Hillsdale can remain independent and stay true to its mission because it refuses to accept one penny of taxpayer funding—even indirect aid like federal or state student grants and loans.
This frees Hillsdale from burdensome and corrupting regulation, but it also means we are entirely dependent on the support of our friends nationwide."
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