Anti Solar Groups Need to UNITE

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Anti Solar Groups Need to UNITE

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A message to everyone that is trying to stop the solar and wind developers from totally destroying your community and taking away your crop producing farm land.

We NEED to get organized and work together as a large team, instead of simply having everyone working as individuals.

I have personally been involved in this fight for close to 4 years. What I have noticed on an International level is many individuals and even many groups have tried to fight against a local solar invasion in their back yard.

They are fighting against government officials, Solar Developers and major corporations.
Some of these individuals or groups win and some loose.

I have witnessed some groups win a fight but loose the battle in the long run because of corrupt politicians, or judges.
I have also learned of people that were paid off by the developers, to keep them from fighting or complaining.

But the greatest loss of all is that once the Solar or Wind project got built, many people quite fighting and websites or social media groups were abandoned.

I am the founder and admin of multiple non-profit organizations.

The first organization I built, was created in the 1970’s for individuals in one town and is still very active, even though I no longer live in the area or run it.

Since then, every other organization I built was set up on a National level or an International level where I set up “Chapters” in multiple states and countries.

As such, I have learned that one of the most vital ingredients needed for any group to survive are communication and a TEAM of leaders.

Therefore, I would STRONGLY encourage the residents of each town, or county to pick a leader from your area that is being threatened with a solar or wind invasion and encourage them to become part of a “board” that meets on a regular basis to share ideas and plans.
The next step would be for those “plans” to be communicated to the entire county or state and eventually to adjoining states.
The bottom line he is to think beyond your own back yard. Find others that have skills that can be used to benefit others and get organized instead of trying to do too much by yourself.

It is great to have a team of two or 4 people going out to visit others, but just like an evangelism program in a church might assign a territory to individual teams, it is important for each team to know where the other teams will be working, so they don’t confuse the public. Plus the fliers, brochures, signs, hats, shirts, etc should also be consistent, so that you are all sending the same message to the general public.

Just imagine how powerful we could become in this fight, if there was one organization on a world wide level, that had a board for each country, state, and county, all working together sharing ideas, news and plans.

If you are interested in being included in a town, county, state, national or international group, please respond to this post.
Let me start by stating that we do NOT need your legal name, to register on this forum. That way, if you own a business and do not want your name displayed on the Internet, you can use a pen name or alias. However once we invite you into a "PRIVATE" forum, we will need to communicate with others in your group, just to make sure you are not involved with any of the solar companies.

One of the organizations I started many years ago and still run, has chapters located in multiple countries. Each chapter has officers that are elected. They also have a board that meets on a regular basis to “brainstorm” and devise organized plans for growth and progress.

In order to succeed, it is vital that you get as many members as possible active in specific jobs.

• For example, you can have one person in charge of distributing yard signs to various towns within your county.

• You can have someone else in charge of recruiting volunteers to help with Fund Raising ideas, in order to raise money to pay for the signs, billboards, hats, shirts, attorney fees, etc.

• You also need a designated spokesperson to speak to the TV News and to your local town BZA members and commissioners.

• You should also have a talented writer that can submit letters to the editor of the local newspapers, create fliers, brochures, social media announcements and FOIA requests.

• You should also have someone talented enough to read and comprehend local ordinances as well as state laws.

• It is vital that you get someone to make posts on your social media group plus call people and personally invite them to attend local zoning and commissioner meetings, wearing some type of anti solar and/or wind hats or shirts and pack every town board meeting so it becomes standing room only.

• You should have someone in charge of recruiting individuals willing to go door to door in your community and talk with the residents that don’t have computers or cell phones.

That is just a few basic ideas you can use to get a group active. Now, if you would like to join up with others, please answer some of the basic questions below.

1. Are you currently part of an organized group and if so, please let us know the location of your group?

2. If you are part of a group that is not “organized” with a board or designated leaders and need help to become organized, please let me know what type of help you need and where you are located.

3. Do you know of a qualified attorney in your state that has experience fighting against solar developers and if so, are you willing to share their name “privately” so others can reach out to them?

4. Does your group have a social media site or group and if so, will you post a link to that groups site here?

5. Does your group have it’s own website and if so, will you post a link to that groups site here?

6. Does your group have a web designer that could help teach others how to set up a group page or website?

7. Does your group have any members that are business owners with years of experience managing employees, and/or attending board meetings?

8. Does your group have a formal name?

As the webmaster of this site, once you answer these questions, I will invite you to a private forum where we can continue to share information with each other. Then we will be able to invite you to another private forum that will have officers or representatives from other groups, that you can share information with and learn from.

Thank you for your time and effort and while I may not be on this forum every day, because I personally run 50 websites and 70 social media sites, plus I travel to other states to meet with National Officers of a nonprofit organization I started 15+ years ago, AND I conduct personal “in the field” training sessions for a nonprofit that I started 25 years ago, so the bottom line is that it may take me a few days to respond to a post, but I or one of my close associates, will get back to you as soon as we can.

Just my thoughts.
David H.
Group Admin for the Stop Solar Farms Facebook Group:
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